In order to maximize your benefit from our delivery bags we suggest the following guidelines for the care of the bags:

  1. Clean regularly with a soft wet cloth with water and soap (do not use hard chemicals), use a clean cloth brush for corners.
  2. Do not scrub hard on the artwork to avoid discoloring and peeling.
  3. Do not leave the bags in direct sunlight even indoors.
  4. Soft models with Velcro can be machine washed (low tumble, @30 Degrees Celsius 86 degrees Fahrenheit)
  5. For models with zippers, always open the zipper of the bag using the slider, never open using the bag cover.
  6. Do not force the slider to close the bag, if done repeatedly shortens the life of the zipper chain. Bring the two sides of the zipper chain together before closing the slider.
  7. Always pull the zipper slider slightly outwards while closing and opening the bag.
  8. Do not stack more than two bags on top of each other 
  9. It is preferred to place the bags on shelves when they are not in use.
  10. Always keep the bag slightly open in order to let the food odors escape and to avoid condensation.
  11. For heated bags, when a liquid spill occurs inside the bag, wait until the bag and the heating element to dry completely before operating it again.