Isothermal Delivery Bag - Coffee Carrying Bag 8 Seats (20lt) Black SOFT

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DIMENSIONS: 42x22x22

Isothermal Delivery Bags ( Delivery )

Strong internal insulation polypropylene closed cell and outer polyester fabric ecological, suitable for delivery ( delivery CATEGORY ) eating pizza, grill restaurant, cafe.

The isothermal bags distribution ( delivery ) are two handles on the sides at the appropriate positions to facilitate the distributor. They also have slides on the sides for your ad or even for storing your business brochures.

The isothermal bags distribution ( delivery ) seal with Velcro (Velcro) for increased security.

The isothermal bags distribution ( delivery ) have the ability to keep order at appropriate temperatures to always be satisfied your customers.

In isothermal bags distribution ( delivery ) for coffee have the choice between the two gratings that our company: a) 6-brown seats or b) 8 + 3 positions-cafe (3 espresso )

For the best advertising of your business, our company undertakes to put your logo, in print or even in embroidery.

The isothermal bags distribution ( delivery ) is waterproof and resistant to hard work and harsh conditions.

They are easy to clean. They are very light, to facilitate the distributor in moving and delivering orders.

The isothermal distribution bags ( delivery ) come in many dimensions so that every company can find the one that suits it.

There are isothermal delivery bags ( delivery ) 9 lt (38 x 13 x 20), 15 lt (36 x 22 x 22), 20 lt (42 x 22 x 22), 30 lt (36 x 36 x 22).

The isothermal bags distribution ( delivery ) come in the following colors: black, gray, red, blue, green.