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Ice Cream Delivery Bags

Prodel’s top loading ice cream delivery bags are specially designed for ice cream and cold food deliveries. The bags are padded with heavy insulation. Also, they have slots to insert the gel packs to keep the internal temperature of the bag suitable for ice cream delivery.

Ice cream delivery has always been a very risky operation. Ice cream gets ruined fast if not transported properly inside a well-insulated bag.

Producing quality product is our specialty!

Our highly-skilled manufacturing team plays a huge role in the production of ice cream delivery bags, since quality relies intensively on the skills of each workers involved in the production process. Hence, we take pride in offering you the best quality ice cream delivery bags.

What makes our ice cream delivery bags unique are the outstanding features and benefits that you’ll want to buy one for yourself:

Heavy insulation to keep the food cold, internal horizontal shelf to place multiple orders, durable YKK zippers to zip and unzip the bag smoothly, rigid plastic foot stands to keep the bag away from dirt, internal pockets to insert the ice gel packs, Gotek 900D PU coating with hydrophobic treatment.

Besides, many capacities are available in our product range. Some bags can hold from 5 to 50 liters, keeping the ice cream below its optimum temperature for more than two hours.

These bags are easy to use and maintain clean and fresh ice creams.

The below ice cream delivery bags are designed modular. You can customize the use of the bag as per your requirements and operational needs.