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Pizza Bags

Do you have a pizzeria or a restaurant and you want to buy a sturdy well built pizza bag at a competitive price?

Prodel Bags offers you a great value!

Our bags are designed to meet your operational needs with its premium features and benefits. Therefore, the materials used for this bag is top-of-the-line from the world’s leading suppliers, the textile is tough and durable and can resist heavy use.

With almost 20 years of proven performance, our team has been dedicated and committed to quality production of the bag– Thick, sturdy, lightweight Gotek 600D fabric, with one inch padding protects the quality of the pizza, PRTI insulation keeps the pizza hot and fresh, triple YKK Velcro stripes opens and closes the pizza bag easily.

A wide range of pizza bag models and capacities are available from two small pizza boxes to Extra large Pizza bags to fit five 43 cm boxes. In addition, we have manufactured bags that could fit 28” (72 cm) pizza boxes for Pizza Russos!

We believe that quality can be attained by these 3 factors that we consider in our manufacturing operations:

High-quality materials, skilled workers and advanced technology which are essential for producing sturdy and durable pizza bags. With these factors, we are able to achieve consistency in building trust and set a stepping stone for success to your business.

Prodel Bags is a quality brand that supplies pizza bags worldwide. It aims to be the best in producing top quality pizza bags for safe and fresh pizza delivery!