Heating element for delivery bag - 48cm

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Heated delivery bags make the delivery of hot products more efficient.

Heats up in less than 10 minutes: temperature 50-60 ° C regulated internally, depending on the ambient temperature and for 45 minutes.
Easy to install: To install the heating element, simply place it inside the bag, on a standard shelf or at the bottom of the bag, nothing more.
High Quality Materials: Prodelbags ™ is the most durable and reliable delivery solution in the industry because of the materials we use.
Hydrophobic Treated Fabrics: The textile we use is double treated with hydrophobic materials. Its durable and water-repellent nylon exterior will remain immaculate despite rainy and snowy weather. Water or messes wipe right off the surface for easy cleanup.
220v, 12v system: The heater element is easy to use and no setup is required and is available in 220 or 12v system.
Keep your pizza hot and crispy for 45 minutes ...


Weight  (kg)0.516
Dimension width x depth x height (cm)47.5 × 47.5 × 0.7
Dimension of the packing box (cm)51x51x5
Delivery weight (box + plate + cable) (kg)1,915
Fabric (exterior)Gotek 900D Polyester
Fabric treatment (exterior)Hydrophobic treatment

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