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Motorcycle, Bike, Scooter Rack Delivery Bags

A new solution for food and parcel delivery, born from the need to find solutions to the limitations and problems of bulky bike boxes.

Now with our bike or scooter rack delivery bags, you are able to securely deliver without carrying the bag on your back and without investing in bulky heavy boxes.

An excellent choice for fast and secure delivery!

Our new scooter rack delivery backpacks are designed with steel attachment that can be mounted on any motorbike/scooter and can be removed easily with no need to unbuckle, unscrew or unzip anything. They are cost-effective. Also, they have durable and sturdy construction that can resist heavy cuts and damages for years.

Prodel Miles rucksacks offer excellent features that you can benefit from to run your business efficiently— The ergonomic design for comfort, the attachment fixed on the bike or scooter for better security, the triple layers of insulation for maintaining the temperature of the food during delivery, the waterproof Gotek fabric for resisting abrasion more than the standard polyester fabric. Plus, the rain cover for protecting the bag from heavy rains.

These backpacks come with durable YKK zippers for locking the temperature inside the bag. Specific models have padded straps for the drivers comfort to use the bag as a miles or as a normal backpack, and features compartments for separating cold foods from hot foods. Moreover, the separators/shelves are added for better internal organization.

The bike or scooter rack delivery bags below are designed modular. You can customize the use of the bag as per your requirements and operational needs.